What We Do Really Well at JMarketing


Marketing & Go-To-Market Strategy/Scorecard

Competitive Analysis

Audience Research

Brand Strategy

Alignment with Business Goals, KPIs, Reporting/Dashboards


Messaging & Positioning

Campaigns, Programs, Launches

Content Marketing

Product Marketing

Budget Planning


Demand Generation/Acceleration

Web, Inbound, Social Media
Email, Advertising, PPC, SEO

Event Marketing

Technology & Data

Martech Stack Assessment

Marketing Automation

CRM & Operations Management

Data Processes & Management


Team Skills Assessment

Team Mentoring/Coaching/Hiring

Inside Sales & Sales Enablement

Change Management

Organization Alignment

A New Approach: Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

How it works
Like other “as-a-service” models, Marketing as a Service enables you to consume a customized scope and bundle of services that fits virtually any budget, timeframe and list of businesss requirements. In return for these services, you pay a monthly fee.

Why You Should Care

Top level expertise at a fraction of the cost of a new marketing director hire
Embracing a lean, agile and flexible model for executing marketing ops
Adapted to your team’s multi-disciplinary function and increasing reliance on technology and automation
Greater HR flexibility to face rapidly changing market needs and evolving customer demands
Turnkey solution: fast onboarding with best practices and proven strategies tested with portfolio of clients with similar business models
Knowledge transfer to your existing team as part of the mentoring