[email protected] offers 3 options to accelerate the growth and impact of your marketing, no matter where you company is located and what time zone you’re in.

Option 1: Marketing Advisory Services

Don’t wait any longer! No matter what stage you are in, you need marketing to grow your business, even if you can’t afford it yet.
Marketing is the art of getting people to change their mind and want to do business with you. Marketing happens every single time your company is in touch with the outside world. Because it is more a process than an event to manage, marketing is a mindset that you, the co-founders and CEO, need to adopt in every decision you make.

Hop on a call with your experienced C-level marketing advisor and discuss your priorities, get help solving major issues, ask any burning question, receive feedback on your progress and establish new priorities and action plans.

Learn how to sprinkle some marketing into everything you do with your startup team and quickly get an edge on your competition.

Option 2: Coaching Services For Marketing Resources

You have limited marketing resources and want to make the most out of it? Ask for an experienced C-level executive coach to mentor your company’s marketing leader.
What you get:

  • Greater Achievements: Build your team’s strategic thinking
  • More Relevance: Align business and sales goals with marketing strategy and tactics
  • Higher Accountability: Develop and implement relevant metrics
  • Increased Clarity & Collaboration: Effectively communicate throughout your organization
  • Quarterly meetings to keep you in the loop and realign objectives

What your marketing resource gets:

  • Weekly skype calls with the coach to discuss key initiatives, challenges, organizational issues, communications opportunities. Skype enables worldwide meetings no matter where you resource is located.
  • Ad-hoc access to the coach as needed during the week
  • Access to the coach resources, tools, professional network and online community

Option 3: Coaching Services For Foreign Entrepreneurs Targeting The U.S.

Do you want to develop a presence on the U.S. market? Before embarking on new territory it’s important to understand the specific country’s culture, customs, needs, and unspoken rules that will ultimately help you better tailor your concept for the American market.

With the help of your experienced C-level marketing coach:

  • Examine what your domestic marketing strategy has been and how the domestic plan employed by your company on a local level needs to be tailored to be positively received in the U.S.
  • Start your campaign to grow by preparing a plan to evaluate your needs and set your goals. It’s essential to assess your readiness and commitment to grow.
  • Understand the cultural implications of the sales process
  • Conduct market research and identify local markets, size up the local competition
  • Find appropriate international partnerships locally and deploy a well thought business development strategy
  • Prepare your launch on the US market