An Ongoing Relationship

[email protected] is not your typical digital agency.
Pricing is based on monthly retainer plans instead of a per hour basis.
The goal is to work on a regular basis with a few customers and develop a long-term relationship.
We are a team and as such you benefit from Julie’s high-level skills and experience at the fraction of the cost of a marketing hire. Her constant efforts to gain a deep understanding of your business activity and your marketing style ensures your long-term satisfaction.

3 Outsourcing Plans Based On Your Priorities And Budget

Marketing Starter Package Marketing Expert Package Marketing Team Package
This package is perfect for small teams or solo entrepreneurs with limited resources who are looking for help improving their marketing efforts in a specific field and outsource a single aspect of their mix
Perfect for a CMO or a CEO who needs extra help with his marketing strategy. Maybe you need support to start your demand generation approach, or for complete program around product launch, campaign development and management.
This package is designed for companies looking to achieve major results in a limited time or looking to enhance their current team with expert knowledge and resources
This package is designed for companies who have no digital marketing resources in-house or partial expertise, and choose to fully outsource a managed service solution for an unlimited/unspecified period of time or until the correct candidates are hired
Typical services
Strategy, budget and action planning for the year, on going social media management, on going advertising management…
Typical services
Your advisor, manager and hands on resource for any advertising, inbound, web or any other marketing project as needed
Typical services
Your marketing leader and hands on team for any and all marketing activities as needed.

Trust and flexibility every step of the way

  • easy upgrade or downgrade from one month to the next
  • no cancellation fees
  • 30 days easy cancellation notice
  • full management of your marketing suppliers
  • negotiation of preferred pricing for you with major marketing software suppliers
Outsourcing not for you?
See the 3 coaching and advisory plans available:

  • Marketing Advisory Services
  • Coaching Services For Marketing Teams
  • Coaching Services For Foreign Entrepreneurs Targeting The United States

What Clients Have To Say

Benjamin Mestrallet
eXo Platform, Founder and CEO & Codenvy, Founder and Chairman

Julie successfully manages our lead generation and demand generation activities, overseeing and executing a wide range of projects from social media to advertising or content marketing. She is a high-caliber expert bringing to the table her critical skills and overall integrated marketing approach.

I also very much appreciate Julie’s focus on producing high quality work with limited monitoring. She is independent, effective and fun to work with.

I highly recommend her to any startup looking for help with internet marketing.”