15 years experience with Fortune 500 & Startups


What clients are saying:

Julie is a dependable, strategic, energetic & collaborative marketing executive, who’s both hands-on and an effective manager. She needed to rethink our company’s online presence and credibility, modernize all marketing activities, launch new products and continue to grow sales with limited resources. Julie has consistently demonstrated high levels of project ownership, responsibility, initiative and the desire to drive significant metric-driven performance results; such as building a comprehensive social media program, improving the company’s CRM processes and helping build out Telesales.

In short, Julie is a valuable addition to any startup looking to cost effectively define and manage a measurable marketing machine that can be monitored, tweaked and optimized as well as serve as a manager/mentor.

– David Thomson, President at AlwaysOn

Julie brings together a rare combination of creativity, expertise in demand generation, energy and drive – plus it has been a total pleasure to work with her. Her key strength is depth of knowledge in marketing automation and the metrics needed to measure success. I believe she can add value to marketing groups across many technology domains and beyond, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of an innovative marketing leader.

– Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer at Scality

I worked directly with Julie on a recent project and was always impressed with Julie’s passion, integrity and dedication, I would be very happy to work with Julie again.

– Jason Seed, North American Trade & Investment Commissioner NSW Australia

Julie has tons of marketing experience to draw from and knows how to choose the right tool for each challenge, be it a focus group questionnaire or a massive social media campaign. She is a good listener, independent, result-driven and a pleasure to work with.

– Javier Cardona, CEO at Muchi Corporation